Direct Instruction

Direct instruction with an itinerant teacher of the deaf includes various areas that address educational deficits students with hearing loss may encounter per their individual education plan (IEP). Direct services focus on areas of language (written expression, vocabulary, communication), auditory comprehension/memory, and self advocacy.  These areas are addressed in one on one or small group settings with the student(s) and the itinerant teacher. This in person service is offered in the Houston, TX area. 


Students with hearing loss have needs that may not require direct instruction. Consultative services from a certified Teacher of the D/deaf and Hard of Hearing may include IEP/504 development, staff trainings, in-services, attendance of Admission, Review & Dismissal (ARD) and IEP meetings, instructional support with general education teachers, review of accommodations, assistive technology support, parent support, and monitoring of IEP progress. 


Students with hearing loss have a unique experience and may require specific assessments in the areas of language, auditory comprehension, and self advocacy directly related to their hearing. A certified teacher of the deaf is able to assess in the aforementioned areas and help develop appropriate IEP goals and accommodations based on assessment results. 


Consultative and direct self advocacy services can be provided virtually.* Due to teacher shortages across the country, virtual services are becoming more common and necessary to offer students and staff with access to specialists such as teachers for the D/deaf. Many of the consultative services can be provided virtually in Nevada and Texas. 

*It should be noted that direct instructional services are not appropriate for all students. Auditory access, student maturity and access to technology should be considered prior to beginning virtual instruction.